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Einstein Str, Unit 2
Dyno Tuning
Gas Flowing, Camshafts
4x4 Suspension
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We do software tuning on most vehicles, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, VW, Merc, Jeep and others. Have you experienced issues with your new Hilux V6 or Land Cruiser?, we remove speed limiters and repair the throttle closing problem on these new vehicles, as well as offering software tuning on DSG gearboxs.

We have 7 different Diagnostic machines for fault diagnosing along with our allwheel drive dyno room with 5 wire air fuel ratio and gas analyser.

1. How much more power will I gain & how much lighter will my vehicle be on fuel?

2. What will happen to my vehicle’s warranty?

3. What is the U-connect Power Plug system?

4. How long does installation take?

5. How do I know if my Unichip is still under warranty?

6. Can I buy the tuning interface and program for the Unichip?

7. How does a pedal booster work?

8. Will a pedal booster make more power?

9. What will be the best for my vehicle , chip or software tune?