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Dyno Tuning
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Fluch Tunning for changing Ignition Timming, Fueling and removal of Emmisions and Speed Limiter. Available for the Chevrolet range, Ford 6.2 Raptor, Lumina LS1/LS2 and Hummer SUV's.

With 30+ years of experience we specialize in Performance Exhaust Systems built for any type of car, MPV and SUV. We also stock a variety of popular Branch Manifolds. Get in touch with us today!

Frans Bezuidenhout was in South Africa the owner of a service station with a workshop for 24 years, building engines on the 4x4 vehicle’s for the ABSA Offroad Series. He also specialized in engines for the 4x4 Toyota Hillux and Nissan Hardbody vg 3.3 with Motec ECU, aswell as manufacturing of Free Flow Exhaust Systems. His passion for motor vehicles has laid the foudation for Motorsport, Oval Track, where he led an oval track team as captain against England and from 1996 until 2002, as well as drving offroad vehicles and races. Frans has been in the trade since 1985. In 2009 he sold JY Motors and opened Namib Dyno Tuning Centre cc with a 4x4 Dyno Machine. With his experience and expertise he is bringing a new dimension to the motor world in Namibia. Although it ‘s an all wheel Dyno, back wheel vehicles can also be setup on the Dyno as well as Quad Bikes.

We specialize in 4x4, SUV and MPV vehicle’s. The reason for using a Dyno machine is to simulate road conditions. A vehicle cannot be tuned while idling. Part throttle and full throttle mixtures are the reason for heavy fuel consumption, because when driving 100kmph of 120kmph wind resistance which plays a big part. A carburretor vehicle that has main jets and power valves with vacuum that opens the second stage happening when the vehicle is under torque, the fuel consumption can be tested. We use a dyno to test and tune every indivudial vehicle. It is a good practice NOT to plug in chip’s or plug and play that was bought and not tuned for the specific vehicle and altituded ignition timming, air fuel ratio exhaust gas temprature and boost on turbo vehicle are a few items that gets tested and tuned.